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popstar_teens's Journal

Popstar Teens
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Welcome to Popstar Teens! This community is ALL about teenage popstars and actors! Yay! I created this community because i'm a little frustrated with communities not recognizing the young artists like Chris Trousdale, Play and Aaron! Don't you think they deserve love? Well... now they're going to get it! Join Popstar Teens and you'll be part of this! Popstar Teens is for sharing Icons, Blinkies and graphics.

Rules (yeah, sorry...)
1. NO fighting.
2. If someone requests a custom icon and they've asked for theirs to not be used... don't use it. Simple as that...
3. Don't be so impatient. Give the rest of the members time to read your request.
4. If someone updates with icons... they usually have rules. Obey them.

-if anyone has another rule that you think i should add, leave me a comment and i'll think about it. ::winks::

Maintainer/manager: Ashley dream_0n